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Exam Pattern

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will hold two exams or term-end exams- term-I and term- II for the 2022 session. Each of the two exams will be held on 50 per cent of the syllabus. The term I will be held in November-December month while the term II will be conducted in March-April. The pattern of the exams are going to be different not only from the exams held thus far but the pattern of term-I and term-II exams also will vary .
The term I exams will have multiple choice questions including case-based MCQs and assertion-reasoning type MCQs and can be held for 90 minutes. The term II will have questions in several formats including case-based, situation-based, open-ended questions also as both short and long answer type questions. This paper are going to be conducted for 2 hours. Since within the past two years March and April have seen an increase within the number of COVID-19 cases, the board has already allowed the pliability to colleges . If the Covid-19 pandemic situation doesn’t normalize, the March exams are going to be held MCQ-based papers for 90 minutes.
The exams are expected to be held by respective schools, however, to stay fair, the papers are going to be conducted under the supervision of external center superintendents and observers appointed by CBSE. The board will issue a rationalized syllabus soon.
Apart from both term-I and Term-II scores, the interior assessment marks also will be counted for calculating the ultimate score of scholars in board exams 2021. Collection of knowledge supported the performance of scholars in school and internals will begin with the beginning of the new school term . Schools will create a student profile for all assessments undertaken over the year and reserve it during a digital format.


Board MCQ Term-I & Term-II

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